Where to Install EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations are a Magnet to Attract Customers

Parking Facilities

Trigger Energy helps parking facility owners deliver premium amenities to parking customers.   Our premium electric vehicle charging stations and Green Garage Oasis accessories give your parking facility a touch of class.

Whether your parking facility services offices, travelers or shoppers our experienced Trigger Energy staff can help put together a solution that will meet your needs.   High quality, attractive EV charging stations provide your customers convenience where they work, live or shop.  Most of all EV charging stations attract more customers to your facility.


LEED-certified Facilities

If you are a LEED-certified facility or are considering getting certified as one, installing an electric vehicle charging station can help gain points towards certification.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) was developed by The U.S. Green Building Council. It is a point-based rating system that measures building greenness.  As a result LEED is recognized globally as the premier mark of achievement in green building. LEED-certified buildings are a stamp of environmental approval that is publicly recognized.


Hotels & Resorts

Trigger Energy offers a premium electrical vehicle (EV) charging experience that is a perfect fit for the hotel environment. Your guests receive a premium amenity that demonstrates you are forward thinking and anticipating their needs.  Furthermore you will eliminate any “charge anxiety” stress your guests may feel while traveling. Most of all our charging stations let you stand out from your competition.


Hospitals and Health Clinics

Working in a hospital can mean long hours for doctors, nurses and staff while they care for patients.  Thus providing them with the option to charge their electrical vehicles at work can help ease the stress at the end of the workday. Having access to an electric vehicle charging station is a great perk for employees. In addition it is a great benefit for patients that visit for appointments.


Shopping Centers

Elevate your customers’ shopping center experience from one of just convenience to a premium experience. Extend your customers’ time in your stores because you offer them an opportunity to charge their vehicle while shopping and dining .  Customers will spend more money in your stores, restaurants and parking. In addition electric charging stations provide you a valuable marketing tool to make your shopping center special.  Finally you can generate revenue from your charging station by through customer fees or attracting advertising partners.


Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters capture people’s attention for several hours at a time. Hence providing an electric vehicle charging station makes perfect sense! Catering to electric vehicle owners by providing this amenity allows your destination to stand out from your competition. The rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry is forecasted to continue at an exponential rate.  Most of all capitalize on new business from the growing market of electric vehicle owners.


Condominiums & Apartments

Trigger Energy recognizes that with each residential complex there is a unique set of needs that have to be met.  Condominium complexes want to attract high-end real estate buyers. Furthermore apartment complexes want to retain high-income renters.  Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to develop a strategy to fit your needs. Most importantly your EV charging station helps you differentiate from your competitors and add value to your property.


Class A Office Buildings

Electric vehicle charging stations help your business attract and retain good employees.  At the same time EV charging stations help property managers attract and retain quality, high-end office tenants.  Add value to your property because you installed a collection of premium electric charging stations in your parking area.  Furthermore your business shines as a good steward of the environment.



As of 2014, approximately 25% of 4-year colleges and universities have formally signed the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. They believe that universities breed the next wave of environmentally conscious thinkers, CEOs’ and entrepreneurs. As a result adding an electric vehicle charging station to your university gives you a billboard of environmental sustainability.  As a bonus your charging station is also a small billboard that can generate revenue with sponsorships.



Trigger Energy recognizes that many federal government departments, state government offices and local municipalities have budgetary restrictions.  At the same time these government facilities have the need for fleet and public charging. The Juice Bar Quad with 4 charging connection ports allows 4 vehicles to charge off of one machine at the same time. Most noteworthy one installation with 4 connectors is a win-win for budget and fleet considerations.


Arenas and Stadiums

Trigger Energy understands the unique challenges of a large parking eco-system. Sports fans and concert-goers will leave their vehicle for a few hours which is the perfect amount of time to recharge for the ride home.  Our staff will work with you to develop an electric vehicle charging strategy that is appropriate for you and your visitors.


Transportation Centers

These days traveling can be a stressful experience.  Thus making a traveler’s experience a little easier can bring the frequent traveler back to your facility. Most of all providing amenities such as an electric vehicle charging station can help ease the stress of the traveler that has to leave their electric vehicle in a parking facility while traveling.