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Juice Bar Mini Bar Double Level 2 EV Charging Station

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Juice Bar Mini Bar Double EV Charging Station

Two Level 2 & Two Level 1 Connections

The Mini Bar Double EV Charging Station is designed to offer EV drivers a convenient charging solution in retail parking lots, office buildings, hospitals, government facilities, universities and more. EV drivers will use this station for short “top off” charging or multiple hour charging.

The Mini Bar Double can charge 2 cars simultaneously at Level 2. 2 additional drivers can also connect their portable Level 1 EV charger cord to the station.



Attract customers & retain employees.

Generate revenue for charging or advertising.

Highly customizable. Configure to your specific business needs.




LED Indicator Lights


Wall Mount or Pedestal

Weatherproof/Indoor/Outdoor Use

Premium Product & Experience

Visually appealing – Attracts Attention

Cut down on installation costs, charge 4 cars simultaneously

Excellent Customer Service – US based company

Communications & Point of Sale System (optional)

Remotely monitor all EV charging experiences, status of chargers and financial transactions

Other options available include: “Tough” Connector & Cord Management System

Pricing & Model numbers

MB402-1.0 Mini Bar Double. $4,999.00

MB402C-1.0 Mini Bar Double with Communication/Revenue Management System. $6,899.00 (station does not need to be networked or software activated for the charger to work)

Mini Bar Double available on a low cost monthly lease. Actual pricing depends on credit application and other factors. Please ask for more details.

Mini Bar Double – Technical Specifications

  • Two Level 2 Chargers & Two Level 1 Convenience Connections
  • Certifications: ETL Listed
  • IP Rating: NEMA 3R
  • AC Input From Utility – Level 2: Voltage 208/240 VAC.  Breaker Rating 40A – requires 2.
  • AC Output From Utility – Level 2:  Voltage 208/240 VAC. 32A (7.7kW max) each side.
  • AC Input – Level 1 (not managed by software, option to lock off): Voltage 120 VAC. Breaker Rating 20A – requires 2.
  • Operating Temperature: VAC -30° C to 55° C  (-22° F to +122° F)
  • Communications: Ethernet or Cellular
  • Connector – Level 2: SAE compliant J1772 Connector
  • Cord Length: 23 feet
  • Unit Material: Powder Coated Aluminum. Pedestal is Powder Coated Steel

Communications & Revenue Management System

  • Optional enhancement for EV charging station
  • Open standards – based solution- powered by Greenlots
  • Highest level of choice to site hosts
  • Flex pricing – different prices for time of day & day of week
  • Remotely monitor all EV charging experiences
  • No more RFID cards, use QR scan code or input station id
  • Mobile App with many features
  • Load Management and Load Sharing Capabilities
  • Price: Licensing fees for revenue management system are billed separately and payable to Greenlots with a signed contract.  $15.97 per Level 2 connection per month with 3-year agreement (as of 11/22/17).  Contact us for more details.


  • Optional enhancement for EV charging station.
  • The Mini Bar Double provides facility owners the option of a pedestal or wall mount while still remaining highly visible within a facility.
  • Price: $299.00

Tough Connector

  • Optional enhancement for EV charging station.
  • J1772 Connector & Cable.
  • Type 4X watertight and corrosion resistant rubber over molded EV connector.
  • Impact & crush resistant with a field replaceable latch.
  • 5 year warranty (on this option, only for connector/cable/charging component)
  • Price: Call for Details

Fully Customizable

The Mini Bar Double is a compact option that combines Two Level 2 Chargers & Two Level 1 Convenience Connections.  Pedestal or Wall Mount.  Free use or revenue generating.  Open to everyone or only authorized users.  Activate management software when you wish.  Customize to your business needs.

Generate Advertising Revenue

Keeping true to the innovative Juice Bar charging station designs, the Mini Bar still allows room for advertising, branding or sponsorship opportunities creating a potential income producing asset for facility owners.

Fully Upgradable

As technology changes modular parts are easily swapped out.  You won’t be locked in to obsolete technology.

Made in USA

ETL listed & Made in the USA

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