Government EV Charger Rebates

Federal and State Government EV Charger Rebates

Government EV Charger Rebates?

Yes!  The federal government and many state governments offer EV charger rebates for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.  Government agencies, utilities and others offer a variety of tax credits, rebates and other incentives to support energy efficiency, encourage the use of renewable energy sources, and support efforts to conserve energy and lessen pollution.

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Keys to Monetize your EV Charging Station

You are not just saving the planet. You are also generating income with EV charging stations.  In addition to EV charger rebates this reports showcases many ways your EV Charging Station puts money in your pocket.

EV Charging Stations are a National Movement
and Government is Handing Out Cash for You

The US Federal Government is taking responsible steps to combat climate change, increase access to clean energy technologies, and reduce our dependence on oil. That is why on the heels of the United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) first-ever Sustainable Transportation Summit, the Administration is announcing an unprecedented set of actions from the Federal government, private sector, and states, as well as a new framework for collaboration for vehicle manufacturers, electric utilities, electric vehicle charging companies, and states, all geared towards accelerating the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and putting more electric vehicles on the road. The collaboration, forged by the White House in partnership with DOE and the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Airforce and the Army, and the Environmental Protection Agency, and is centered on a set of Guiding Principles to Promote Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure.

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