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Free Estimate


We would pleased to offer an estimate for your EV Charging Station project. To help us better understand your needs, please tell us more about your project:

  • How many charging stations are you considering?
  • Are you interested in Level 2 or Level 3 chargers?
  • Do you want to make them free for use?
  • Do you want to restrict access to authorized users?
  • Do you want to generate revenue when drivers use the EV charging station?
  • Do you want installation services?
  • How far away is your electrical panel from the suggested location for the charging stations?
  • What is in between your electrical panel and the location for the EV charging stations? Asphalt? Concrete? Dirt?
  • Are you considering other sustainable energy technologies to reduce your electrical bill? Solar? Electric battery storage? LED lighting? Lighting automation?

We will be happy to share an initial estimate based on a recommended product set and a rough approximation of installation. If you would like to get a free formal proposal, we will send our team to your site, evaluate your electrical infrastructure, consider various locations for installation, consider necessary trenching/concrete/asphalt work and if there would be a need for ADA compliance. After doing a thorough site evaluation, we would then share with you’re a detailed, formal proposal for EV charging station equipment and installation.

Our Products

Starting at $565

ClipperCreek HCS Series – Level 2 EV Charging Station

Available in a number of power ratings and configurations, the Clipper Creek HCS Series EV Charging Stations are high-quality, high-power, low-price EVSEs, built and tested to automaker standards to ensure a reliable charge every time.

Starting at $2,999

Juice Bar Mini Bar – Level 2 EV Charging Station

The Mini Bar EV Charging Station is designed to offer EV drivers a convenient and premium charging solution in retail parking lots, office buildings, hospitals, government facilities, universities and more.

Starting at $16,278

Juice Bar Energy Bar – Level 3 EV Charing Station

The Energy Bar DC Fast Charger series is designed to charge electric vehicles quickly in as little as 20 minutes. This advanced DC technology is in high demand by EV drivers.

About Us

Trigger Energy provides electric vehicle charging stations for commercial parking lots, parking garages, retail centers, government facilities, universities and office buildings. Electric vehicle charging stations help you attract new customers and retain good employees while enhancing your brand as an environmentally friendly community partner.

Business owners and site managers often have many questions about EV charging stations.  How much does the product and installation cost?  How do I generate revenue?  What is my ROI?  Trigger Energy partners with you to assess your needs, answer your questions and provide a complete EV charging solution including sales, installation and support.

Contact us to get a free site analysis, learn about special rebates available from government agencies or review business models to showcase your ROI.