EV Charging Station Value Added Services

Attract Customers & Lower Your Electrical Bill.  We’ll Show You How.

EV Charging Station Marketing Services

Why are you getting an EV charging station?  Saving the planet and meeting sustainable energy mandates are important, but let’s be real.  If you are a business then you likely want to attract new customers, retain good employees and/or lease more office space to new tenants on your property.  EV Charging Stations are a powerful marketing tool to help you grow your business.

Getting an EV Charging Station and having it installed is just the beginning.  When that project is completed, what will you do to advertise your charging station and attract EV drivers to your location?

Trigger Energy has a long track record helping clients market their business and providing a variety of value-added services to help businesses including:

  • Getting registered on PlugShare.com and the PlugShare app so your business is part of the searchable database of EV charging stations that EV drivers enjoy using.  Get found!
  • Target advertising to EV drivers and sustainable energy enthusiasts.  Need a list of people in your area that drive electric vehicles or support environmental causes?  We can help you.
  • Showcase your EV charging stations on your website and in social media marketing.
  • Setup a Google AdWords campaign so you come up #1 in Google search engines when drivers search for an EV charging station in your city.
  • Network and get word-of-mouth advertising with groups of EV enthusiasts that meet regularly in your area.
  • Rebrand your company as a sustainable energy, green business.  Tell the world how you are responsible, environmentally friendly community partner and use that message as a way to differentiate your business from your competitors.
  • Sell advertising space on your EV charging station.  Many EV chargers can be used as a mini billboard giving you an opportunity to generate revenue even when your charging station is idle.

Ultimately EV charging stations are a marketing tool to help you attract new customers, retain good employees, earn more tenants and build a stronger brand.

Sustainable Energy Consultation Services

Lower Your Electric Bill.  Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

EV Charging Stations are just one component of an overall sustainable energy strategy.  Trigger Energy’s team of professionals can help you analyze your current energy usage and provide solutions to get your energy bill down to $0 using technologies such as:

  • Solar Power
  • Solar Batteries / Energy Storage
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy Automation and Optimization Technology
  • and more

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our sustainable energy consultant.  We will provide a complete analysis of your energy consumption and recommend ways to lower your carbon footprint and drive your energy bill as close to $0 as possible.