Cost of Installing EV Charging Stations

The price of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station product is relatively easy to figure out.  Prices are posted, and optional accessories and features are clearly priced.  But the cost of installation can vary tremendously.

How much do EV Charging Stations cost?

Home Based Electric Car Charging Station Installation

For a home installation of a Level 2 charging station an electrician is necessary to setup a 240V circuit on your circuit breaker box.  Plus, there is a need to then run wiring to the location in your garage where you want to setup your charging station.  Finishing costs including drywall repair and outlet installation may be involved.

A typically installation will run approximately $750 for labor and necessary parts.  If you choose a charger with added features then your price can approach $1,000 or more.

You may incur additional costs:

  • if your city requires permitting for the installation. Then your electrician will need to draw up plans, submit them to the city for approval and possibly revise plans to meet the requirements established by local regulations.
  • if there is significant carpentry or dry wall work necessary to run the wiring and install the unit on your wall.
  • If your current circuit breaker box cannot handle an additional 240V circuit. A new box and possibly coordination with your electric company may be necessary.

Commercial Electric Car Charging Station Installation

This can vary dramatically depending on the infrastructure available at your business location.  Issues that may come into play include:

  • Permitting process with your local city government, project specification write-up, etc.
  • Setup of a 240V (or higher) power connection available to your business. Your landlord may have costs associated with setting this up in the building’s electric system.  Coordination with your electric company may become an issue.
  • Trenching of concrete, asphalt, landscaping, etc. to bring the electric wiring to your target location. Then associated repair of trench.
  • Concrete work at your target location to setup a platform for the charging station.

These costs are very difficult to estimate without a qualified professional visiting your site and assessing your situation.

In some cases, like in a parking garage, the installation may turn out to be very easy because the electric infrastructure is already in place.

Contact a local electrician or get a referral from your EV Charging Station supplier to do a proper analysis BEFORE you buy your charging station.