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ClipperCreek EV Charging Stations

ClipperCreek® manufactures reliable and powerful Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for residential, public, fleet and workplace electric vehicle charging.  ClipperCreek® charging stations are Made in America.

ClipperCreek HCS Series EV Charging Stations – Level 2

ClipperCreek’s most popular electric vehicle charging station series is available in a number of power ratings and configurations.  The HCS Series are high-quality, high-power, low-price EVSEs, built and tested to automaker standards to ensure a reliable charge every time. Works with all plug-in vehicles including the Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model 3, Fiat 500e, BMW i3, Kia Soul, Ford C Max and more.

ClipperCreek EV Charging Stations are certified for both indoor and outdoor usage, and a 25 foot cable comes standard on all our products.

ClipperCreek HCS-30 EV Charging Station
ClipperCreek HCS-40 EV Charging Station
ClipperCreek HCS-50 EV Charging Station
ClipperCreek HCS-60 EV Charging Station
ClipperCreek HCS-80 EV Charging Station

Share2® – 2 Charging Stations Sharing 1 Line

Share2® provides excellent value for our commercial customers. More fleet operators are converting to electric and businesses are recognizing the many benefits of offering workplace charging as the number of plug-in vehicle makes and models increases.

Level 2 charging stations and electricity costs are relatively low; electrical infrastructure upgrades can be quite substantial, however. Share2® allows a business to inexpensively double the number of charging stations at their facility.

ClipperCreek HCS-40 EV Charging Station, Share2 Bundle
ClipperCreek HCS-50 EV Charging Station, Share2 Bundle
ClipperCreek HCS-60 EV Charging Station, Share2 Bundle
ClipperCreek HCS-80 EV Charging Station, Share2 Bundle

ClipperCreek Accessories

ClipperCreek provides a wide variety of accessories to best setup your EV Charging Station to your specific needs.  Wall mount or mount on any number of configurable pedestals including pedestals with spring-loaded cable management systems.

To ensure only authorized users access the charging station, ClipperCreek provides ChargeGuard simple, key-based access control as well as individual locks for connectors.

Ruggedized cables are available as an option to provide greater prevention of climate wear and tear.

ClipperCreek Universal Pedestal Extension Kit, Single Mount
ClipperCreek Universal Pedestal Extension Kit, Dual Mount

Green Business is Smart Business.

The benefits of workplace charging extend far beyond tax rebates and incentives.

Offering Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to your customers and employees offers many benefits including customer attraction, tenant marketing and retention, corporate brand image, employee satisfaction, employee recruitment and retention, meeting government climate mandates and furthering sustainability goals.

Open Access Charging for Employees

Many employers choose to offer free, unrestricted charging. It’s a great incentive to get employees
to consider electric vehicles and the cost for someone to re-coup 20 miles of range (the average
commute) is less than $1/day in electricity. The Workplace Charging Challenge recently reported that
80% of employers who offer workplace charging, offer it for free to their employees.

Put Your Company Ahead

Experts predict that electric vehicles will make up 35% of global new car sales by 2040 and the cost of ownership will fall below conventional fuel vehicles by 2025.

Consumers often choose to buy their first electric car as a commuter vehicle (it quickly becomes the preferred vehicle in the household!). EV drivers charge at home or work 90 percent of the time, so expanding the availability of workplace charging infrastructure plays a significant role in getting more EVs on the road. It also helps attract and retain top talent!

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