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Driving an electric vehicle from San Diego to San Francisco. Why so few commercial EV charging stations on I-5?

If you read my blog post about my EV drive from San Diego to Las Vegas you know it is a bit of an adventure with spotty availability of commercial EV charging stations.  A year later in September 2016 I embarked on a 2nd adventure, this time to San Francisco.  Let’s see how my little BMW i3 handles the trip. I first planned my trip on Plugshare which is a great mobile app that shows where commercial EV charging stations are

Government Rebates for Commercial EV Charging Stations

For certain states and localities, the government offers compensation for the installation of commercial electric vehicle charging states. Below is a breakdown of the opportunities for compensation that exist in various states.  Note that these rules are changing frequently.  Check in with your local and state governments for the most current information. Federal The electric vehicle tax credit on a charging station is 30% up to $1,000 for consumers and $30,000 for business. Arizona A tax credit applies to everyday electric vehicle owners and

Driving an EV from San Diego to Las Vegas. Are there enough commercial EV charging stations?

I drive a BMW i3.  It’s a terrific electric vehicle that gets me around San Diego County with no problems.  I have the model with the Range Extender (REX) that uses a small BMW motorcycle engine to charge the batteries after I exceed the ~80 mile EV charging range.  The REX adds another 60 miles, but when driving around San Diego County I rarely use it. In September 2016 I decided to attend a conference in Las Vegas.  As part of

Severe Shortage of Commercial EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle sales have increased 45% year-over-year.  Prices for EVs are coming down and range is increasing.  You know there is a tremendous future for electric vehicles when Ford announces it will invest $11 billion over the next 5 years. But there is a problem.  There are not enough commercial electric vehicle charging stations. According to an article from Green Car Reports, the UK has a maximum ratio of 10 EVs for every commercial EV charging station which is considered ideal.  In