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Shell acquisition of charging network Greenlots points to juice as the new gas

Eric C. Evarts Jan 31, 2019 Shell charging station in Britain (higher res) Electric cars are getting the attention of oil companies. On Wednesday, one of the largest fast-charging networks in the U.S., Greenlots, announced that it had been bought by oil giant Royal Dutch Shell—via the subsidiary Shell New Energies US LLC. Greenlots includes more than 350 mainly DC fast charge stations across the U.S., the kind electric cars drivers are meant to visit occasionally when they need a quick charge to complete a

VW buggy, Porsche 911 Hybrid, Shell chargers, Tesla profits: Today’s Car News

Eric C. Evarts Jan 31, 2019 2018 Tesla Model S and 2018 Tesla Model X Tesla reported profits, and revealed new model lineups for its Model S and Model X—and another price cut. Volkswagen announced it will build a concept electric dune buggy for the Geneva auto show. Details of the upcoming Porsche 911 Hybrid have emerged. And Shell has bought its first charging network in North America. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Profit reports are key, especially for a company

Company claims to harness AI for quicker electric-car DC fast charging

Bengt Halvorson Jan 24, 2019 Follow Bengt 2015 Nissan Leaf with CHAdeMO fast-charging cable plugged in [photo John Briggs] At CES earlier this month, GBatteries demonstrated that it could charge a 60-kwh battery pack, made up of off-the-shelf lithium-ion automotive cells, to half capacity in just 5 minutes, or to a full charge in 10 minutes. Further, the company is aiming, with a technology that employs AI elements, to boost charging speeds without accelerating degradation and rendering electric-vehicle battery packs useless. Such a technology could help

Dyson gets serious, charging with AI, Ghosn resigns: Today’s Car News

Eric C. Evarts Jan 24, 2019 Path projection system for self-driving cars Americans are taking climate change more seriously, and a majority think the government should do something about it, two new studies show. A startup company thinks it has a software hack to help electric-car batteries charge faster. And Nissan's Carlos Ghosn has resigned as Chairman and CEO of Renault. All this and more on Green Car Reports. In a move demonstrating that it's serious about selling electric cars, British vacuum-cleaner-maker Dyson hired

Best deals on electric, plug-in, and hybrid cars for January 2019

Eric C. Evarts Jan 25, 2019 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Electric The new year brings new deals, and our partners at CarsDirect.com have found deals on some new models that have never made our list before for the beginning of 2019. While the new year often isn't the very best time to find a great deal on a new car, winter weather keeps many buyers at home, which often makes car dealers ready to bargain. Here we've rounded up the best deals on electric, plug-in hybrid,

Electric pickups, Byton tech, battery business, EV affordability: The Week in Reverse

Eric C. Evarts Jan 26, 2019 Rivian R1T electric pickup concept Which company is looking for new battery suppliers outside the U.S.? What upcoming electric car is not designed to drive but to ride in? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending January 25, 2019. This week included much news about automakers working to broaden the market for electric cars by racing to build more efficient—and electric—pickups, about building up a bigger supply of batteries

eMotorWerks lays groundwork for vehicle-to-grid charging

Eric C. Evarts Jan 9, 2019 eMotorWerks JuiceBox wall mount charging Tesla Model X At first glance, a new business agreement between home charger manufacturer eMotorWerks and utility software provider LO3 Energy sounds strictly like the stuff of dull business contract lawyers. Dig a little deeper, though, and it could be the kernel of the next generation electrical system, long discussed, but never-quite-practical vehicle-to-grid infrastructure. As many electric-car drivers know, eMotorWerks builds networked JuiceBox home chargers, some faster than most others, that allow users to

2019 Nissan Leaf Plus, 2020 Mini Cooper S E, more fuel-cell semis: Today’s Car News

Eric C. Evarts Jan 9, 2019 2019 Nissan Leaf Mini plans to revive its electric hatchback as a sporty electric model for the 60th anniversary of the original. New charging agreements aim to make charging easier and greener. And Toyota will build 10 more hydrogen fuel-cell powered semi-trucks for Los Angeles. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Nissan plans to introduce the 2019 Nissan Leaf Plus this spring with more power for sportier driving, as well as a longer, 226-mile electric range. Mini

Tesla drops 75Ds, Nissan Leaf Plus, EPA head, peak internal-combustion: Today’s Car News

Eric C. Evarts Jan 10, 2019 Audi PB18 e-tron concept We look at what sets the Nissan Leaf Plus apart. President Trump nominates Andrew Wheeler as EPA chief. And analysts report that the world may already have reached peak sales for internal combustion engines. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company will drop short-range versions of the Model S and Model X with the 75-kilowatt hour battery. This could push potential customers for those cars

Socket to me: MyChevy app tells Bolt EV drivers where to charge

Eric C. Evarts Jan 11, 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV charging at EVgo station Too many apps! That's one of the complaints electric car drivers have about charging electric cars. With the time it takes to charge one of the biggest complaints is mapping your way to a charger only to arrive and find it's occupied or out of service. Now General Motors has forged an agreement with two of the largest charging networks in the U.S., ChargePoint and EVgo, along with Greenlots, to provide real-time