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Electric cars from Infiniti, portable chargers, fines increase, take our mpg poll: Today’s Car News

Eric C. Evarts Apr 24, 2018 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class L Enlarge PhotoInfiniti announces a new lineup of electric cars in China, new portable electric car chargers are fast and cheap, New York federal appeals court reinstates increase in fines for automakers who miss fuel economy targets, and our weekly Twitter poll: Tell us what gas mileage level you think average cars should get. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Nissan's luxury-car division announced in January that most of its new models would

BMW iX3 electric SUV, non-Tesla’s to get super charging network, Nissan Leaf range anxiety review: Today’s Car News

Eric C. Evarts Apr 23, 2018 2019 Toyota Avalon Enlarge PhotoBMW previews its long-awaited iX3 electric SUV, Volkswagen diesel settlement to bring a fast-charging network to rival Tesla's Superchargers, and we develop needless range anxiety on the way to the airport in a new Nissan Leaf. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The BMW iX3 will be the Bavarian company's first all-electric SUV when it debuts for the Chinese market on Wednesday at the Beijing Auto Show. Electrify America uses money from the

How to buy a used Tesla, Audi E-Tron battery, new VW logo, Earth Day questions: Today’s Car News

Eric C. Evarts Apr 20, 2018 Shell gas payment in a 2018 Chevrolet Enlarge PhotoA sizeable stock of used Tesla Model Ses may make a good alternative for those on the waiting list for a Model 3. Audi reveals details of its upcoming e-Tron electric SUV, including its big battery. VW burnishes image with a revamped logo to go with its upcoming lineup of electric cars. And in honor of Earth Day, we ask automakers: Why the focus on fuel cells when plug-in

Earth Day: 10 Questions On Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars To Ask Toyota, Honda & Hyundai

John Voelcker Apr 20, 2018 Follow John Add to circle Honda Clarity Fuel Cell at Honda R&D Center, Tochigi, Japan, June 2017 Enlarge PhotoWithin the next two years, three different hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles will be offered to California buyers in small numbers. The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle went on sale in California at the end of 2016, and 2018 models just went on sale. The Toyota Mirai has also been available in California since 2016, giving California buyers a choice of zero-emissions fuel-cell

Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt problems, new taxes, diesels, and automakers in the looking glass: The Week in Reverse

Eric C. Evarts Apr 21, 2018 BMW ActiveE electric car in front of old gas pumps, Belvidere, NJ [photo: Tom Moloughney] Enlarge Photo Which giant retailer will roll out a new Tesla-eque network of fast electric car chargers? What kind of fuel economy will the new Ford F-150 pickup get with its new diesel engine? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, April 20, 2018. On Friday we kicked-off our coverage of Earth Day

1970 Clean Car Race: How college teams helped bring about emission limits on new cars (and show up Detroit) after the first Earth Day.

Eric C. Evarts Apr 22, 2018 Life magazine centerspread of 1970 Clean Air Car Race entries Enlarge PhotoWhen it comes to changing the world, never count out a bunch of college students with pens and wrenches. In response to growing demands to clean up the air, particularly from automotive exhaust pipes, and growing pushback from automakers, a bunch of college students banded together in 1970 to prove they could make cars cleaner than Detroit could. It was the first year of Earth Day, the year

Should you buy a portable Level 2 electric-car charger?

Eric C. Evarts Apr 23, 2018 2017 Kia Soul EV Enlarge PhotoElectric car chargers are becoming more affordable. Now you can buy a portable, 16-amp charger one for less than the price of a cheap tablet computer. Some electric-car drivers find benefit in carrying a portable charger that's faster than the standard Level 1 models that come with every electric car sold so far. Portable Level 2 chargers will usually deliver 16 amps at 230-volts, or about 3.3 kw of power, good for eight

Electrify America maps out charging network to rival Tesla Superchargers

Eric C. Evarts Apr 23, 2018 Electrify America chargers by BTC Power Enlarge PhotoMark 2018 as the year that practical, widespread electric-car charging really started coming to America. We've had a lot of news about new charging networks coming to the U.S., and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down any time soon. Following the announcement last week that 100 Walmart stores would get electric car fast chargers, Electrify America has announced that it will install 2,000 additional fast-charging stations at 484 locations

Tesla Model Y for 2019, California EPA deal, Bolt fast-charging, German electric sedans: Today’s Car News

Eric C. Evarts Apr 12, 2018 Hybrid Kinetic HK GT concept Enlarge PhotoTesla reveals its Model Y launch window, EPA and California may still agree on emissions, a fast-charge network is coming for Bolt Maven drivers, and German electric luxury sedans aim higher than the Model S. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Reports put production of the Tesla Model Y starting in fall 2019. Meanwhile, CEO Elon Musk says he doesn't have time to shower. California regulator says there's still a path