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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Trigger Energy provides electric vehicle charging stations for commercial parking lots, parking garages, retail centers, government facilities, universities and office buildings. Electric vehicle charging stations help you attract new customers and retain good employees while enhancing your brand as an environmentally friendly community partner.

Business owners and site managers often have many questions about EV charging stations.  How much does the product and installation cost?  How do I generate revenue?  What is my ROI?  Trigger Energy partners with you to assess your needs, answer your questions and provide a complete EV charging solution including sales, installation and support.

Contact us to get a free site analysis, learn about special rebates available from government agencies or review business models to showcase your ROI.

Why Trigger Energy?

Trigger Energy is your one-stop source for installation and supply of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Businesses & the Public Sector.

Electric Vehicle Charging Products & Services

Trigger Energy is a specialist in electric vehicle charging station products and services. Trigger Energy offers a wide array of solutions for fleet charging, parking Read More

EV Chargers Customized for Your Business

Trigger Energy can customize an EV charging solution that best fits your business needs and the needs of your facility. Offset the cost by partnering with sponsors and Read More

Electric Charging Stations Attract Customers and Employees

Your business can attract customers and retain good employees with an EV charging station. Your EV charger gives your business a competitive advantage. It Read More
Consumer Views on Plug-In Electric Vehicles, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, January 2016.

Growth of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) in CA


ZEVs by 2021


ZEVs by 2023-2024


ZEVs by 2024-2025

Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Markets in California, Center ofr Sustainable Energy, February 2016.

Where To Install EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle drivers are always on the hunt for a place to charge their car.  Ask us.  We will be happy to provide you a free proposal or answer any questions you have about installing an EV charging station at your place of business.

Parking Facilities

Trigger Energy helps parking facility owners deliver premium amenities to parking customers. Our premium electric vehicle charging stations

Hospitals and Health Clinics

Working in a hospital can mean long hours for doctors, nurses and staff while they care for patients.

Condominiums & Apartments

Trigger Energy recognizes that with each residential complex there is a unique set of needs that have to be met.


Trigger Energy recognizes that many federal government departments, state government offices

LEED-certified Facilities

If you are a LEED-certified facility or are considering getting certified as one, installing an electric vehicle charging station can help gain

Shopping Centers

Elevate your customers’ shopping center experience from one of just convenience to a premium experience.

Class A Office Buildings

Electric vehicle charging stations help your business attract and retain good employees. At the same time EV charging

Arenas and Stadiums

Trigger Energy understands the unique challenges of a large parking eco-system. Sports fans and concert-goers

Hotels & Resorts

Trigger Energy offers a premium electrical vehicle (EV) charging experience that is a perfect fit for the hotel environment.

Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters capture people’s attention for several hours at a time. Hence providing an electric vehicle charging station makes


As of 2014, approximately 25% of 4-year colleges and universities have formally signed the American College

Transportation Centers

These days traveling can be a stressful experience. Thus making a traveler’s experience a little easier can bring

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